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It’s been a while and I’d actually thought of abandoning this site, perhaps starting a new one down the road; I’d even, somehow, lost the beautiful header my son created for me, upon which a hummingbird was poised, drinking necter from the great star in the Horse Head Nebula, it was so special! Yet, as I re-visited my old, somewhat forgotten blog, I realized…here it is, why not press on? So once more the Hundredth Hummingbird is seeking the nectar of truth!

I’ve been involved in 9/11 truth which is in large part responsible for my absence…9/11 truth is consuming because the implications are so profound and so utterly relative to the numerous challenges we face.

Therefore, in honor of this vital quest, my first post, in quite a while is about just that!

This collection isn’t the best, in terms of film…nor is it about that. This is an historic collection of the presentations given, recently, at the unprecedented 9/11 Toronto Hearings;  an invaluable step in the process of establishing the science and evidence of 9/11 truth. We, in the 9/11 truth movement, are unfathomably grateful to have these experts and professionals providing the rock solid foundation of this path, for us to walk upon, toward truth!


A Comprehensive Collection of  9/11 –  Toronto Hearings:


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