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The Observer; in quantum science all matter is both particle and wave but it is the observer who somehow turns the wave into a particle. I am made up of particles but I am also waves of potential, literally, and so is everything and everyone else. As a matter of fact, if I understand it correctly, according to quantum science and quantum equations everything known is made up of waves until observed, it is the act of observation that turns waves into particles. It seems that observation creates that which we know of as reality, in other words consciousness forms, from the wave, the three dimensional world.

We are in the world of conscious observation, we are in the three dimensional world. What this means to me is that from an infinite multitude of wave possibilities surrounding or existing within and around each and every event, one can choose the point of observation and thus solidify an aspect of potential concerning any event. The point at which an observer changes a wave into a particle reality, such as the one we know as the three dimensional world, is known in quantum science as The Collapse of the Wave Function.. 

In terms of world events what this may mean is that how we view, how we observe, world events can influence world events. Remember in the previous Quantum Sunday exploration of this documentary the physicists and experts in quantum mechanics explained that our thought, in this quantum paradigm, has tremendous power and that within us , within our atoms, is the very power to create a universal Big Bang. So positively influencing world events, especially if we combine our energies, should actually be a viable function for individuals, especially collectively. As a matter of fact it does seem that when people, collectively, view world events from a perspective of transformation, an attitude of we can change this paradigm, and they become willing to first think of solutions and then take actions toward solutions, solutions do indeed manifest.

Gandhi’s focus was in transformation. King, as well, his motive was in transformation. They wanted to transform, to awaken the offender to a better way. Because of their intent combined with their actions and because many joined them or because they joined the many, many who were previously convinced that domination and oppression were the way, became transformed and discovered a better way.

I suppose what I’m saying here is that if we study successful movements which have wrought transformation and changed the world for the better, we can also look at quantum mechanics and study the possibilities of what quantum principles may have been operational in such movements; intent, thought, faith, the nature of observation. If we understood the quantum level of a Gandhian or Kingian movement, or a Caesar Chavez movement, if we understood the quantum dynamics of such movements we might be able to apply these principles toward changing the world for the better in a wide variety of ways.

The quantum term Bose-Einstein Condensates in essence reveals that a particle, in the state of wave function, can be in thousands of different places at once, it is only the act of observation which seals the wave function into a single particle. Could this somehow mean that if I observe a situation from a perspective of peace, of nonviolence, of solution, of transformation, that in some way my state of observation, my perspective, is sealing some aspect of the event toward the nature of peace and reconciliation? Is this an aspect of the power of the observer, to draw particles from a multitude of potentialities and to manifest them according, at least in part, to the view of the observer?

The term entanglement depicts a quantum reality that you and I are fully connected to the furthest reaches of the universe and that our thoughts and actions actually, instantly affect the furthest reaches of the universe. In other words, we can affect positive change in the world, quantum science reveals we have far greater power to do so than the corporate media and the military industrial complex would have us believe. In the old paradigm might makes right, but in the quantum paradigm an individual, connected to all, with the power of the universe, can influence the world for the better merely with his thoughts and if he adds, to this projection, productive actions permeated with positive intent and combines his efforts with those of others, the possibilities are, perhaps, literally endless.


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