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Dave Thomas reveals his agenda and motive when he questions the importance of WTC 7, as if erasing the fall of a 47 story building from an official investigation is an even remotely acceptable procedure.

Dave Thomas debating architect Richard Gage on Coast to Coast:

“…and what I want to know is why did we even need World Trade Center 7 for this, you know, alleged conspiracy we already had the two Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the country was upset enough, you know, who wondered…some… this 47 story building at 5:20, you know, what was it for?”

Richard Gage’s response:

“Well, what we see in Building 7 is a smoking gun, it is the key to justice for the victims that have fallen in the Twin Towers, so a real investigation, that I’m hoping Dave will support us in getting, around these mysteries of the free fall, will give us the answers, perhaps, if it’s done with subpoena power; with an unimpeachable investigation.”

Let us remember that WTC 7 housed the NYC headquarters for both the FBI and the CIA as well as the emergency bunker for the NYC government. The downing of this extremely strategic and important building, at free-fall speed, with no plane hitting it, was excluded from the official report, excluded.

As an American I have a right to know exactly why, I have a right to know why it fell and why it was excluded from the report! Anyone who could possibly go about saying, “What’s the difference, what does it matter?” is extremely suspect in my book.

Today is a day to honor the fallen of 9-11, and as an American I honor them by asserting my duty to seek truth and justice, and the truth is we need a new investigation:


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