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Ship of  heroes, the peaceful kind, the kind that endeavor to saves lives, to restore quality of life, freedom of life, the rights of individuals regardless of nation, creed, color, or class, those kinds of heroes; upon this ship are many of the faces of the peace movement, people who bravely opposed the Bush administration’s machinations of war and torture and who continue to oppose the machinations of the Obama administration yet who take their efforts to sea to attempt to bring life saving materials to the open air prison of Gaza.



Also watch how Audacity of Hope activist passenger, Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who gave Bush Sr. his daily CIA briefings, was beaten and brutalized by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s security forces when he peacefully stood and turned his back on the podium in silent protest of war during one of her talks. He was wearing a Veteran’s for Peace T-shirt.

Remember the problem of T-shirts during the Bush administration? Remember? What has changed when this can happen as Clinton coldly and coolly continues a talk about abuse of peaceful protesters in other countries!

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