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A Place to Start

In these days when both right and left find a multitude of reasons to support violence and thus oppose peace, this is a good place for one to begin to question the real efficacy of violence as a lasting solution:


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An interesting study of media manipulation as it concerns torture:


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From the Physicians for Human Rights Website:

PHR’s report,¬†Experiments in Torture, is relevant to present-day national security interrogations, as well as Bush-era detainee treatment policies. As recently as February, 2010, President Obama’s then director of national intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair, disclosed that the US had established an elite interrogation unit that will conduct “scientific research” to improve the questioning of suspected terrorists. Admiral Blair declined to provide important details about this effort.

“If health professionals participated in unethical human subject research and experimentation they should be held to account,” stated Scott A. Allen, MD, a medical advisor to Physicians for Human Rights and lead medical author of the report. “Any health professional who violates their ethical codes by employing their professional expertise to calibrate and study the infliction of harm disgraces the health profession and makes a mockery of the practice of medicine.”


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