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Award winning journalist and activist Allan Nairn’s review of geopolitics in 2010:

“You can’t say that your waging a war on terror if your commiting terror.”
Allan Nairn


Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, “What about President Obama?”

Allan Nairn “Well, as we said in the discussion last year at this time, he’s kept the machine set on kill, he’s continued backing for the dozens of  repressive regimes, he’s upped the killings in Pakistan and Afghanistan, when you compare the democrats and  the republicans on core issues of preventing preventable death, shifting funds to stop hunger, of killing of civilians, there’s no difference, but we have some democratic rights in this country and people have to organize to stop that, you know on the basic issues there’s not that much difference between the choice that an American has and the choice that a person in repressive Burma has or repressive China has or repressive Indonesia has, in none of those countries, including the U.S. can you choose to alter the basic policies; if you vote for a democrat, if you vote for a republican you get the same thing on state murder, on preventable death but we, here, have the right to rebel [nonviolently], we have to use it.”

RT’s   Anastasia Churkina ” You’re among American citizens who say the U.S. needs a revolution of change, what do you imply when you say that?

Allan Nairn, “We need to, in the words of the American founding father’s, alter or abolish the current system because it is not enforcing the murder laws and it’s allowing about a billion people worldwide to starve and they could be fed, they could be fed for the price of Washington’s bailout of Citibank, for example, it could happen through massive street protests, it could even conceivably happen electorally, if through media channels enough Americans were able to get the facts about what the U.S. and other powers have been doing.”


Democracy Now Video:


RT Video:



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“War can never stop terrorism because war is terrorism…war, and this is what has gotten me in a lot of trouble, war is not the will of God…war is the definition of the demonic, it’s anti-human, anti-community, anti-creation, anti-democracy, anti-Christ, anti-life, anti-God!”
Father John Dear
You Tube: Father Dear Part 3/9: Minute 6:33

There’s a small group of Catholic priests who practice, today, in America, Gandhian nonviolence, but more than that, they practice Christian nonviolence; they are, in the Catholic tradition, imitating Christ. Father John Dear is one of these priests, he has served time, years, in prison and been arrested 75 times; he is a follower of Christ, a practitioner of nonviolence, he is a Christian peacemaker.

As we celebrate Christmas, as Christians around the world celebrate the holy birth, little do so many realize that what they are actually celebrating is the birth of the Incarnation of Nonviolence; Jesus Christ.

Perhaps, in honor of His birth, we can today recommit ourselves to the causes of peace and justice, and begin by researching the lives of those heroic persons who’ve practiced Christian nonviolence so fluently, Dorothy Day, the Berrigan brothers, Mother Teresa, Bishop Oscar Romero, Father John Dear, and others; perhaps one of the greatest Mysteries of Catholicism is the Mystery of Nonviolence which is practiced by these loyal and devoted religious, who claim they are merely practicing the simple teachings of Jesus Christ.

Have a peace-filled Christmas,


9/9 is not posted on You Tube

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Updated version:

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.  It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” 
~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower

Was the 60 day cloture vote a ruse? They passed it; SB 510; Homeland Security and the Defense Department are set to play a role in the control our food; our fundamental rights to organic food and organic seeds are in jeopardy. If you pray, this is a time for prayer; if you’re wondering what you can do, save organic seeds!


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