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Quantum physics defines each of us as, simultaneously, a unified wave of energy, connected to each other and to everything in the entire universe and beyond, an endless wave of potential, mathematically it is what we are, without religion, without doctrine, a gestalt wave of energy and  individual particle manifestations, the three-dimensional world, our individual bodies, our physical realities. The spiritual implications of quantum physics are as endless as the wave of energetic potential which this science has identified.

Isn’t it possible that many of the mystical experiences that persons throughout history have reported and continue to report today, such as those of NDE’s or near death experiences, are in actually quantum experiences, experiences of consciousness transcending the particle world and entering its native and simultaneous wave energy reality?

Today, Quantum Sunday is going to explore what is now a scientific question, given the discoveries of quantum physics, that of deathlessness. Is there really death or is death simply a transition into another life energy dimension? Is death simply leaving the particle world and entering another level of energy experience, a level in which we are more fully aware of our unified reality?

Perhaps this video begs more questions than it answers but given the developments of modern science, in particular quantum physics, these are questions worth asking. If the collapse of the wave function is the particle world, our three-dimensional world, then perhaps leaving the three-dimensional world is a reemergence into the wave function, perhaps this is what a near death experience is, perhaps it’s what death is, or, in other words, perhaps death isn’t.

So, here’s a new kind of ghost story. Happy Halloween!


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The tide is shifting and Richard Gage is leading the way, an informed public cannot be falsely led for long, that’s why the fourth estate is the fourth table leg, it holds everything up, without it the whole thing, the American experiment, comes crashing down. Information, evidence, science revealed, this is the responsibility of a free press. Why has the free press become not so free? Maybe the operative word is free, in more ways than one; the corporate media is all about profit, and profit-making does not produce good news, it produces profitable news.

Therefore, our focus needs to be on public broadcasting; recently on KPFK LA Pacifica Radio, during their pledge drive, Richard Gage AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth was interviewed about the science and evidence concerning the tragic events of September 11, 2001, scientific evidence which the mainstream media continues to ignore. Millions have heard it, you can too! The shift is here, this is only the beginning!

For more information go to www.ae911truth.org and scroll down to the article about the show. I just want to add a thank you Christine Blosdale for hosting the show, for interviewing Mr. Gage, and for thoughtfully dedicating the show to David Ray Griffin as he recovers from recent surgeries and resulting complications.

Please pray for his continued healing and a full recovery:


Contact the station and send a thanks to Christine Blosdale:


You can also donate to help get the message about building 7 aired on PBS stations across the country, just go to the AE 9/11 Truth website, now! Again, that’s www.ae911truth.org !

Listen and tell a friend:

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“I consider you to be the most important activists in the world at this time because a 9/11 activist inside the United States is capable of doing things that millions and even tens of millions of people…cannot do.”

Historian Webster Tarpley, speaking at the 9/11 Accountability Conference

On Saturday, activist Kent Knudson was buried in Snowflake, Arizona. I was privileged to attend the memorial service for Kent, a friend, an artist, and a fellow activist. I was struck, during the memorial, by the beauty and contrast of his profound life. A highly accomplished photographer, Kent’s sensitivity can be seen in his delicate and moving photographic capture of the natural world, of people, and of the ordinary, daily objects of life which, in his world, somehow transcended the mundane and entered a world of subtle magic. Kent was an artist.

Kent was a succesful artist, as well, he could have lived his life pleasantly, enjoying the fruits of his gift for seeing the world around him. He could have enjoyed his sprawling property in Snowflake, Arizona, reaping the financial windfall that had come to him long ago from his enormous visual gift; but instead of living a life of leisure, he became an activist.

Kent sacrificed much in his activism, and this is how I knew him, as an activist, an organizer, a mover and a shaker; he left no stone unturned in a cause for which he felt passion, and he poured the income he made from his succesful photography business into the causes for which he felt most compelled to throw his hat into the ring for.

I knew him primarily from his activism in the 9-11 truth movement, he led the 9-11 Accountability Conference in Chandler, Arizona, which brought Prof. Steven Jones, Dr. Bob Bowman, historian Webster Tarpley, filmmakers Sofia Smallstorm, Penny Little, investigative journalist and author Sander Hicks, and many others to the Phoenix area and introduced Arizonans to the plethora of evidence available in the 9/11 truth movement.

Kent poured tens of thousands of dollars of his own money into the 9/11 Accountability Conference, making an unprecedented contribution to the 9/11 truth movement, and establishing Arizona as a source of activism for 9/11 truth. Every 9/11 truth activist in Arizona, since 2006, can forever thank Kent Knudson for any Arizonan forum from which he or she operates, Kent brought the 9/11 truth movement to Arizona.

He suffered for his activism as well; he wasn’t simply a philanthropist, throwing money at causes, he took a lot of hits, and some from those of us who worked closely with him. Being a passionate person he drew to himself other passionate people and sometimes sparks flew and flames ignited, that was Kent, and that was friendship with Kent, it was, for many of us, a bit of a roller coaster ride, but one that truly led somewhere. His passion, in other words, sometimes seemed to get a little too hot, but it always, always created a warmth as well, a warmth which nurtured and gave life; like the Phoenix sunshine. Kent’s zeal brought life and vigor to causes few would care to sacrifice for, and it is certainly a rarity that someone like Kent who could have chosen the comfortable life available to him would instead throw his hat, time and again, into the ring and take whatever hits were coming down the pike.

Like another passionate artist, Vincent Van Gogh, a comparison highlighted during a very moving memorial tribute to Kent, he was often misunderstood, at times by those closest to him; perhaps it was more that in varying ways he was not fully understood, like the complex issues he poured his energies into, it was really impossible to fully grasp all that he was about, at any one time. At his memorial those closest to him as activists expressed they hadn’t fully grasped his sensitivity as an artist, and those who knew him as an artist hadn’t really understood his passion as an activist, yet all, family and friends knew him as an eclectic figure who thought for himself and committed himself to that which he believed in. Perhaps Kent himself hadn’t fully grasped his true role and nature, for in a moment of darkness, he couldn’t see to the other side of all he faced, he couldn’t see his way through, and he felt he had to go.

His death brought together activists from bygone years, including myself, and those closest to him, his enduring friends who called on us to press on in our chosen causes, to honor Kent’s life by continuing our activism, yet with an added footnote, love one another in the process, put our passions aside long enough to stop and smell the roses along the way and with each other, to put aside our differences and set our sites on the causes which Kent essentially gave his life for, this is the message I took away with me from Kent Knudson’s memorial service.

I’d lost touch with Kent the past couple of years, having experienced my own personal crisis, I too had some mountains to climb, yet I’m very, very grateful to have seen him once more before he died. I was in front of one of the art galleries in downtown Phoenix, during a First Friday art walk, passing out 9-11 truth literature, of all things, and here came Kent. He looked well, to me he looked happy, and we hugged, exchanged updated contact info, and parted with the plan to get together soon. That was a month or so ago, I never saw him again. I had no idea he was struggling the way he was, and I’m very sorry that he came to a place in his life where he couldn’t see a way out.

I have a rescue bird at home, a cockatiel who neither wanted to be handled nor come out of his cage, for months I felt torn about keeping a caged bird, especially a breed which, domestically, thrives on human friendship. I had fallen into the habit of leaving its cage door open, hoping he would brave the world outside of his cage; I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I realized later that it was on that day, the day Kent passed away, when that bird finally flew out of his cage, he flew all around the house and he’s been freely roaming my home since. I’ll always think of that as a sign from Kent somehow, saying, “I’m okay, don’t worry about me, I’m moving on.”

Kent, I love you old friend, thank you for teaching me, and all the other 9-11 truth activists, in Arizona, as well, so much that we now know about activism, organizing, and learning from the process, thank you for sacrificing everything you had for the causes of truth, justice, and for love of our country. I believe we’ll meet again in the great beyond, and I feel your spirit is still with us in the 9/11 truth movement. You’ve walked a long road and you brought many along with you to the journey, you established the footpath which we activists in Arizona may continue walking until the goal of truth and justice is reached. May your spirit now rest in peace.

Pam Senzee

I’ve chosen to honor Kent in the genre through which I knew him best, that of 9/11 activism in Arizona. I’ve searched high and low for videos of all the Accountability Conference speakers, such as Steven Jones, who presented much of his early scientific research into the dust of 9/11, at this conference, or Lt. Col. Dr. Bob Bowman, former Director of the Advanced Space Programs Development under two US presidents, who also spoke at this conference, or Sofia, director of 9/11 Mysteries, Penny Little, director of  9/11: Dust and Deceit at the WTC, and so many others, but I was unable to obtain all but a few of the many presentations which Kent and the central organizers scheduled for this important conference. If you know of available videos of speaker presentations at the 9/11 Accountability Conference, in Chandler, Arizona, in 2007, please link readers and viewers to them in the comments section of this article. For me, this will always be Kent’s greatest gift to all of us, he laid the foundation in Arizona for 9/11 truth to flourish, and without 9/11 truth we don’t have a true America, 9/11 truth is the key which will open the lock that holds our liberties, and that opens the doorway to peace, Kent understood this and he created the footpath upon which we, as activists, may now walk. As seekers of the transparency of and justice for this truth, we will always walk in his footsteps.

Kent introducing the conference, with others:

The 9-11 Accountability Conference Press Conference:

9/11 Accountability Conference Panel Discussion:

Author Prof. Peter Dale Scott:

Author and Founder of Project Censored, Prof. Peter Phillips:

Webster Tarpley, Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror:

Prof. Jim Fetzer:

Radio/Webcast Personality Meria Heller:

 Radio/Webcast Personality Jack Blood:

NY 9-11 Truth’s Tom Foti:

Daryl Hunter, promoting the Conference in NY on Dandria and with Joe Friendly:

View hundreds of Kent’s beautiful and timeless photographs, they convey his true, gentle nature, and they reveal the life of comfort he could have had, had he chosen the easy life rather than the great challenges he took on for the sake of this country and it’s people:




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