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This documentary contains an astounding review of news broadcasts during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it brings back to our awareness the bizarre lack of assistance and the unfathomable conditions which Americans in America were left to die in during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

To forget is to turn our backs on what really happened and why, there are still so many unanswered questions and so little accountability. Are we becoming a people conditioned to accept whatever we are given or denied?

To remember is to bring to awareness and to bring to awareness is to bring forth change, we can’t forget what happened, nor can we deny it as an atrocity. Remembering is honoring, it is honoring the value of human life, it is observation, as a quantum term, with conscience, with reflection, and with an awareness of responsibility.





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The role of the observer; in quantum physics this is what makes the wave reality, the waves of energy from which a multitude of potentialities may manifest, become particle reality or, in other words, the three dimensional world. It’s what we observe which brings about our manifest world and, I believe, how we observe.

If a group of people view an event through the eyes of myth, of avoidance of the truth, they thus lock themselves into a world of lies. Addictive families may do this, for instance, in order to avoid the truth of the addiction which must be overcome, yet not facing the truth brings about further suffering, it perpetuates and enables the disease.

The human instinct to avoid hard truths is a sort of immediate sanity preserving mechanism, denial keeps us from loosing our minds when a truth is too difficult to face right away, but it is only useful when operative on a temporary basis, ultimately one must gather oneself and look at the facts, face difficult truths, and find and apply challenging solutions.

Small groups, such as families, operate within these dynamics, and large groups, such as nations, do as well. When a nation refuses to collectively face hard truths it becomes like the dysfunctional, addictive family, on a massive scale, building its social structure and training its children on a faltering foundation of denial, lies, manipulations, violence, control madness, and a whole plethora of symptoms characteristic of any dysfunctional micro social system such as families.

The only way out is in truth, in seeing, in observing (quantum term) through the eyes of truth. The only way to recovery, to restoration is in first facing the truth, then in establishing the corrective process, a long and difficult road in many cases and the very reason we collectively avoid truths in the first place, because facing them requires responsibility.

We have a responsibility, as a nation and as citizens of this nation to face these truths! Facing truths and dissenting when our government endeavors to deceive us is our Constitutional mandate.

When we observe through the eyes of truth we bring about the ultimate results which only truth can bring. When we observe through the eyes of denial, we allow spin and propaganda to prevail, we  become led by deception, and how can this bring anything other than the results of deception?

The events of September 11, 2001 have brought two wars and a plethora of draconian, unconstitutional laws, contained within the Patriot Act, and an enormous bureaucracy, Homeland Security, to enforce and implement them. The events of September 11th brought torture, detaining suspects indefinitely without due process of law, and a myriad of international treaty and human rights violations. As a nation it has opened up debates on subjects we should never be debating in the first place, for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should stand as the beacon and the only guide, but this hasn’t happened, we have accepted unfathomable violations of our own rights, due to the events of September 11, 2001, and yet is our national view of 9-11 a truthful one?

While those who accept these violations of our rights as citizens and who accept the violations against persons of other nations as a matter of course, as the way the world is, also accept the official story of 9-11 and thus the official policies, foreign and national, related to 9-11, are deemed mainstream, conversely, those who question, those who examine, those who search the evidence with an inquisitive mind, are labeled as outcasts by normalized society.

Groupthink. It is a disease and a danger to a healthy society, a truthful society, and it is the foundation of a successful propaganda or myth-making program. The only remedy is through individual analysis, individual thought, and truth realized through an individual’s personal exploration into the available evidence. Then a collective truth campaign can take place, and this collective social system has the power of individuals who, rather than having been spoon fed information, have explored the forensic and scientific evidence, and have recognized the need for their own contribution to bringing about the truth, to bringing real change, not the kind of change which is simply yet another spin offered in order to sustain the myth-making machine.

September 11, 2001, were you aware that not two but three skyscrapers went down that day? The vast majority of Americans believe that two towers fell that day but there was a third. Comparable to the height of some of the tallest skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles, the 47 story skyscraper which housed the NYC headquarters for the CIA and the FBI fell at near free fall speed, into its own footprint, late in the day on September 11, 2001. After day one the fall of this towering structure was censored from the media and it wasn’t even included in the official report. Americans, for nearly 10 years have been ignorant about this event, but that’s about to change…

Face the truth and be part of the change:

Be part of the solution:



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 From Raw Story:

“The idea that a military weapon designed to cause intolerable pain should be used against county jail inmates is staggeringly wrongheaded,” said Margaret Winter, Associate Director of the ACLU National Prison Project, in a media advisory. “Unnecessarily inflicting severe pain and taking such unnecessary risks with people’s lives is a clear violation of the Eighth Amendment and due process clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

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From Democracy Now:

The Obama administration announced last week it’s safe to eat fish and shrimp caught in the 78 percent of federal waters in the Gulf that are now reopened to fishing. But many are still concerned about the levels of toxins in the water and the impact on marine life. Independent journalist Dahr Jamail has been reporting from the Gulf Coast for over a month now. Last week he spoke to some commercial fishermen in Mississippi who are refusing to trawl because of the oil and dispersants that are still in the water. James “Catfish” Miller told Jamail, quote, “Why would we lie about oil and dispersant in our waters, when our livelihoods depend on our being able to fish here?” Dahr Jamail joins us now by Democracy Now! video stream from Texas, where he lives.

Read and watch:

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From Dhar Jamail:

“The government, both state and federal, is pushing to open all these fishing areas back up and say it is OK, but this is a load of shit,” Guidry, who is from Lafitte, Louisiana, told Truthout, “It’s not OK. They claim 75 percent of the oil is gone or accounted for, but there’s still oil coming in. There is more oil in many of our bays, right now, than there has ever been.”

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Jeremy Scahill of The Nation Magazine:

In Iraq today, three private security contractors were killed in a rocket attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone. All of them were employees of Triple Canopy, the security company hired by the Obama administration to take over much of Blackwater’s work in Iraq. Another fifteen people were wounded in the attack. The dead included two Ugandans and a Peruvian. The attack highlights the inevitable consequences of an emerging Obama administration policy wherein more contractors are going to be deployed to Iraq and many of them will be so-called third country nationals like those killed in today’s attack. The coming surge in contractors in Iraq is being done under the auspices of the State Department’s diplomatic security division, which was massively expanded under the Bush administration paving the way for the Department’s almost total reliance on private contractors for security in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now:



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Democracy Now interview of Director of the Cove and activist Ric O’Barry:

Well, I had a chance to interview Ric O’Barry and the director of The Cove, Louie Psihoyos, earlier this year, shortly after the film won the Academy Award for best documentary. Psihoyos wasn’t able to deliver an acceptance speech when he won the Oscar, because the producers cut the mics as soon as Ric O’Barry pulled out a sign urging people to text the word DOLPHIN to 44144. I asked Psihoyos what he would have liked to say, had he been given a chance to speak…

Watch the interview:


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Getting the mic cut:

The acceptance speech that never was:

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