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Why is a former NASA engineering executive of 37 years now heavily involved in the 9-11 truth movement and why is this not being reported in the mainstream media? To me, this sounds like something that would have been a breaking news story, one that would stream the 24 hour news loop, one that would shake up the world of journalism and news reporting, but not surprisingly…not a whisper from major news sources, not CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, their just not interested, why?

I should note that neither does Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, a news source and journalist I rely heavily on for this website, report anything of substance about the cutting edge engineering and scientific forensic evidence which scholars and professionals are uncovering about 9-11. While attending the recent talk which architect Richard Gage AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth gave in Tucson, I asked him if it was true that Amy Goodman refused to interview him on her show and his response, essentially, was that AE 9-11 Truth has contacted her show many times, in an attempt to get her to interview Mr. Gage and explore the forensic evidence, but she just doesn’t seem to want to touch this subject; why?  Neither does Huffington Post, Salon, The Nation, and other progressive news sources, why? The mere fact that so many scholars and professionals are on board with 9-11 truth is a story. Is it merely intellectual elitism, an inability to admit something serious has been overlooked or is it more than that? Regardless, the neglect of the mainstream media (corporate) and non-corporate progressive medias such as Democracy Now, to report these crucial stories is, to say the least, a gross negligence in news coverage.

And what is this engineering executive, with NASA for 37 years, saying now about September 11, 2001? His concern is the refusal of this administration to release information about WTC Building 7 via Freedom of Information Act requests. Why not? Apparently the engineering science about the structural collapse of a building that was not hit by a plane, on September 11, 2001, is a threat to public safety. Whaaaat?

That’s right, the Obama administration is protecting the public by securing the structural details of an architectural collapse from our watchful eyes. Do you feel safer now?


From Dwain Deets recent article published on Architects and Engineers for

9-11 Truth:

Transparency in government is badly needed, both within the Administration and in Congress. The happenings related to Building 7 make this abundantly clear.

Within the Administration, a number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been submitted seeking records on the Building 7 collapse-analysis data. The final report on World Trade Center 7 was issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in November 2008; however, going on two years later, most requests have been denied. Most troubling is the reason given for denial. The Director of NIST has determined that release of the information “might jeopardize public safety.” This reasoning is outrageous. If anything, not releasing the information might jeopardize public safety.

Read the entire article:


Keeping it simple:


Listen to Dwain Deets discuss WTC Building 7 on Jackalope 105 FM ; featured on the Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth You Tube Channel:



Purchase AE 9-11 Truth Info:


Sign the AE 9-11 Truth Petition for a New Investigation:


Dwain Deets:



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From Democracy Now:

At least fifty people were arrested by federal officers, Phoenix police officers and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies. Among those arrested were civil rights leader Salvador Reza of the organization Puente, former State Senate majority leader Alfredo Gutierrez, and two legal observers—attorneys Sunita Patel of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Roxana Orrell of the National Lawyers Guild. In addition, longtime Arizona Republic photographer Dave Seibert was detained and handcuffed for two hours.

Ernesto Lopez was among several demonstrators who chained themselves to the Phoenix jail…

Read and watch:


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From Empty Wheel:

It should be noted that this is not a final decision on the merits, but only a ruling on questions of preliminary injunction on enforcement of the law. While Bolton has not enjoined the entire law, what she has done effectively guts any ability of the State of Arizona and its law enforcement agents to utilize the statute for the purpose intended.

I will also note that I have known and had experience with Judge Bolton for the better part of two decades going back to her term as a Maricopa County Superior Court judge; she is bright and not a wild card in the least; reserved although not conservative. She writes sound decisions and is not prone to being overruled. For these reasons, and from a quick reading of her analysis here, I think she is on very solid ground and this decision bodes well for the future, both in the 9th Circuit and Supreme Court. Again, however, although this is a very good read as to where Judge Bolton will go in her final decision, there is still formal litigation on the merits to follow prior to reaching the appellate levels.

All in all a good day here at the Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse in Phoenix Arizona.

Read in full:


The opposition to Judge Bolton’s ruling:



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He had an inner strength, he was in command of himself, he radiated an aura of…something, of a wisdom which transcends personal motive. I ran into him while walking down an outer corridor in the courtyard of an old church in Tucson. I spoke to him, he listened. I explained how much I wanted to help the cause of peace, how much I wanted to contribute, and I confessed, to this priest who had served time in prison for practicing civil disobedience, that my anger about what was happening in my country and about what my country was perpetuating in the world, stood in my way.

He looked at me for a timeless moment, it felt like Christ himself was looking into my eyes, then he said, “We can’t wait until we are changed to take action, we take the action and the action changes us.” Then another timeless moment and he was off. I stood there rather stunned, feeling something like what the woman at the well may’ve felt like. Someone had peered into my soul and given me a simple formula for my life, as an activist, to take my flaws and shortcomings and to do my best anyway. I had spoken with one of the heros of nonviolence, I had spoken to Fr. Steve Kelly.

He was arrested with Franciscan monk Fr. Louis Vitale, a sweet, jovial monastic who had also served time and who had been arrested many times. Fr. Vitale was living the life of St. Francis, just being an instrument of peace, bringing loving, peaceful, and joyous energy, wherever he found himself, I felt very privilaged to be in the presence of these humble, active, genuine peacemakers.

I remember Col Ann Wright was there that night and spoke at length with Fr. Vitale.

He wore his brown monastic robe, he had a white beard, a man in his seventies, he was facing prison in opposition to torture, and ultimately they were both found guilty and did indeed serve time, for praying on the grounds of Fort Huachuca, for trespassing.

One of the things both priest and monk spoke of was the need for prayer for the torturer as well as the tortured, and the travesty of our military teaching our young men and women how to torture.

Under Obama it is now extreme sleep deprivation under the secretly approved Appendix M to the Army Field Manual.

These are the real peacemakers, their true motive is peace; they don’t have a rhetoric that says peace is war, war is peace, disarm but prepare for attack; their message is simple and singular and they are willing to sacrifice themselves for it, peace.

Yesterday I posted an article about a documentary entitled Countdown to Zero, a film purportedly about reducing the world’s nuclear arms down to zero, yet as I watched the trailer I couldn’t help but feel that the underlying premise was also that we may have to get tough again in order to deal with loose nukes and rogue nations, the film seemed to have hidden messages, underlying motives, and an undercurrent of supporting violent action under certain circumstances, and keep in mind that pre-emptive strike is now an Obama policy, no longer simply the Bush doctrine.

Quantum Sunday has been posting a series on nonviolent Christians, people whose observation (a quantum principle) of the world’s violence causes them to respond with nonviolent action. They are quiet, peaceful, strong, and those whom I’ve met are very humorous and joy filled as well, they are light-hearted, courageous people; they are also strangely under-reported. While films like Countdown to Zero get big press, the arrests of these activists get little other than local news coverage, but thank goodness they do get that!

Yet the larger, mainstream corporate media seems to have a hands off policy on such activities. When priests and parishioners get arrested practicing civil disobedience it is news, however it is generally unreported news, save for possibly some local coverage. Certainly it is just as newsy as Lindsay Lohan getting arrested. The larger representatives for Christianity who the corporate media turn to, those who either support violence or who while they may dislike it will go along with it, are who the corporate media prop up as representatives of the Christian religion. The other big story the major networks will cover is priests gone bad, that they gladly cover, but priests and church members practicing civil disobedience and facing prison? Somehow, other than locally, that’s not a story.

If the nation’s Christian body, if Christians in general awakened to the Christian teachings of nonviolence, the military industrial complex would dissolve! So the corporate media (the military industrial complex) can’t give real coverage to nonviolent Christians practicing civil disobedience, it wouldn’t be profitable.

Instead, we have big money films, like Countdown to Zero interviewing Tony Blair, whom we know supports violence, about nuclear disarmament, while monks like Fr. Vitale and priests like Fr. Kelley, who was, yet again, arrested last year, this time for opposing the nation’s illegal nuclear arsenal, and whom we know is categorically nonviolent, escape the attention of the mainstream media, but I suspect he doesn’t escape the attention of God.

While we observe (quantum principle) the world and each other, perhaps Someone is observing us as well, and I for one applaud the activities of the peacemakers of Jona House, The Plowshares Movement, and others; and I suspect more people notice than they may think.





Fr. Kelly and fellow activists:


While researching, I found a compelling website about political prisoners:



Father Vitale:


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There’s a new documentary out, it’s hot, it’s impressive, it’s from the award-winning filmmakers of An Inconvenient Truth, it appeals to progressives, it’s being featured on Huffington Post and other progressive sites, but is it also unwitting war propaganda? Countdown to Zero, it appears to be a sort of stop the madness film, a film with a message of ultimate peace, a film about something which concerns every good progressive; nuclear disarmament, but is this film, in the final analysis, really about that?

First let’s examine the nature of propaganda, how it can take place, and how it is perpetuated. I’m one who believes that the winning influence of propaganda is largely carried out by unwitting messengers; members of the media, politicians, and yes, filmmakers, anyone poised to convey a message can be influenced by forces who desire to influence that message, therefore I am not accusing the filmmakers of an intention to deceive, not in the least, on the contrary, I believe the filmmakers’ motives are indeed to promote nuclear disarmament, but in the process of making this film, larger forces may have found a comfortable forum from which to convey their own agenda.

One small curiosity, which caught my attention, takes place in an interview with Russia Today, when former CIA agent Valerie Plame, who appears prominently in the film, states that she didn’t know how producer Lawrence Bender, who contacted her about doing the film, got her phone number. That seems to me an odd statement for a former CIA agent to make but, be that as it may, in the interview she simply mentions this as a sort of curious unsolved mystery and then moves on. It’s just a little thing, and it’s probably nothing, maybe it’s just the Columbo in me, but I am curious about how Bender got her personal phone number, though I don’t suppose it’s actually key to the points I’m making.

Yet I do wonder about the process of determining and accessing those to be interviewed; were all the people interviewed in the film listed ahead of time or did this process grow organically and if so, by what means? Under what influences and by whose recommendations were the persons to be interviewed determined? Some very big players in the world of war, occupation, and covert operation appear in the film, did one interview influence the birth of another? What was the process? Who influenced the process? What departments of government, if any, were involved in this process?

Why do I ask? Why should I care? First of all, we now know that powerful influences played a role in leading the media during the build up for two illegal wars, and that in each instance a story was presented by unwitting media participants, reporters, journalists, and interviewers, who perpetuated, based on the influences of these powerful internal governmental forces, the exact stories which supported the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tony Blair, who also appears prominently in Countdown to Zero, can certainly be viewed as a key figure in the perpetuation of propaganda which led our country, and his, into the illegal invasion of Iraq, and a key part of the US war rhetoric was the oft-repeated: let’s not let the smoking gun become a mushroom cloud. 

The Downing Street Memo revealed Tony Blair’s knowledge of the cherry picking of evidence in the Bush administration’s build up to war, yet now he appears in Countdown to Zero as a sort of savior of disarmament. I don’t feel that I am being overly cynical for having trust issues here, but rather that I am feeling alerted to the lessons of the past, especially when I observe involvement by the very perpetrators of these lies.

There seems to be a hidden meaning in the trailer to the film, that of preparation for more war. The trailer feels very much like the sort of galvanizing the Bush administration did after 9-11; terrorists with a loose nuke, Iran or North Korea readying to unleash nuclear aggression. The overall message seems to be disarmament, zero, but if the premise is that there are loose nukes about, does anyone really believe developed nations are going to reduce their nuclear power to zero while rogue nations harbor loose nukes? Instead, the message seems to be we may want to consider preparation (propaganda) for a potential stand-off, or some form of military action.

The film highlights rhetoric from 9-11, stepping the alert up to a terrorist nuclear threat. Yet it appears the film makes no mention of the thousands of scholars, scientists, physicists, architects, engineers, pilots with decades of military and commercial flight experience, former high-ranking military and intelligence officers, and first responders, who very seriously question the official story of 9-11 and the gross omissions of both evidence and testimony which the investigative team eliminated from the published findings. Why wasn’t this basic premise explored even to a minimum? There are far too many scholars and professionals now advocating and petitioning for a new investigation for media intellectuals to claim ignorance about it any longer, but this film, by its omission, seems to do just that.

The film points out missing nuclear weapons, missing from the break up of the former Soviet Union, and highlights a claim that Osama Bin Laden has a goal to kill 4,000,000 Americans and implies that he can’t do that by hijacking planes and running them into buildings. What it doesn’t appear to mention is that Osama Bin Laden is not wanted for the crimes of 9-11, that he is not on the FBI most wanted list for the crimes of 9-11 and that when reporters queried about this oddity the FBI answer was, “We don’t have the evidence.” In other words, throughout the war rhetoric of two presidents, about Osama Bin Laden and the attacks of September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden is, apparently, not a suspect.

Also, notice the presence of the military industrial complex, in the film; Tony Blair, Robert McNamara (who, I realize, tried to cleanse his soul and confess his war crimes before he passed on), James Baker III,  Zbigniew Brzezinski, and others. Clearly, the film focuses on Iran and North Korea as dangers to be alerted to, just as back in the day when Saddam Hussein was the catalyst for mushroom cloud alerts, but it all turned out to be, what? Propaganda.

There are always dangers, there are always threats, in this world, of some kind, but this in fact is what makes propaganda work so well, and good propaganda, good war propaganda is supposed to cause the public to feel good about violence, that’s the purpose of its use, to cause us to feel that we are overcoming violence by becoming for a time violent. This film seems, perhaps and at least in part, due to some of its participants, to be building a case for more war, under the auspices of preventing nuclear attack, it may not be the motive of the filmmakers, but by including members of the US/Britain propaganda machine, they have certainly opened the door for it..

The most cynical view I’ve read is that the film is preparing the public for a false flag operation. That’s the most extreme take on it, but we now know the Gulf of Tonkin was indeed a false flag operation and that it led us into the dark years of Vietnam, we know that Kennedy refused to cooperate with the Northwoods false flag operation, which was submitted to him by General Limitzer. Due to CIA whistleblowers, we know the US has been involved in other false flag operations, it’s a military tactic, not entirely uncommon. Now, numerous scholars believe 9-11 may have been a false flag operation, meant to herald the US into these illegal wars in the Middle East and to initiate the draconian measures of the Patriot Act here in the States. So the premise of false flag propaganda, concerning Countdown to Zero, while far-fetched, is not entirely ungrounded.

Regardless, while watching the trailer, I did feel that I was in the presence of some form of propaganda; when I see war makers coming off, somehow, as great advocates of peace, it just makes me wonder if something gamey is going on, I felt like I did when Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize and proceeded to give a talk on how war is peace and peace is war.

Call me jaded, but in my book peace begets peace, and if we are truly concerned about the Middle East and loose nukes, let’s begin disarmament while we start pouring war funding and war profits into humanitarian aid instead of into war and occupation; that’s a plan that may actually win hearts and minds rather than create more enemies.


FBI Most Wanted? Not:

Tony Blair and the Downing Street Memo:



Operation Northwoods:


Gulf of Tonkin:

 How mushroom cloud propaganda works, and how well meaning people get duped into perpetuating it:

Valerie Plame on Russia Today:

 An interesting perspective on Countdown to Zero:


More from 9-11 Truth Edmonton:


The phenomenon of thousands of scientists, physicists, architects, engineers…for 9-11 truth:


Documentary or War Propaganda?

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Glenn Greenwald ; Steny Hoyer Then and Now:

Recall, too, that even the Obama plan to move the camp to Illinois would have entailed preserving one of the core factors condemned by Hoyer (“Holding prisoners for an indefinite period of time, without charging them with a crime goes against our values, ideals and principles as a nation governed by the rule of law”).

Along these same lines, a provision in the new Intelligence Authorization Act which would provide for substantially greater oversight of the intelligence community has now disappeared from the bill in the face of a threat from the Obama White House to veto any bill containing it.  I wrote before about the Obama administration’s efforts to prevent greater oversight of covert intelligence programs — greater oversight also used to be an advocated Democratic policy — but it’s particularly ironic that Obama succeeded in quashing further oversight on the exact day that The Washington Post documents the completely out-of-control, unaccountable, secret world of the National Security and Surveillance State.  Allowing an audit of these intelligence programs by the General Accounting Office to ensure compliance with the law — something Nancy Pelosi was pushing — would have been one mild means of ensuring at least a marginal degree of accountability over Top Secret America.  Yet it looks likely even that will not happen because Obama is threatening a veto to prevent it.  I wonder why he would do that?


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