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Sheriff Dupnick; an American Hero:


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Here are two passages from a must read article by constitutional lawyer Glen Greenwald, entitled More Obama DOJ Attacks on Whistleblowers.

Greenwald on free press:

“For any Democrat or progressive who wants to defend the issuance of this Subpoena, I have a question for you:  when this controversy first arose in early 2008, did you defend the issuance of the very similar subpoena to Risen by the Gonzalez/Mukasey DOJ?  If not, why not?  What’s the difference?  “Pragmatism” is not an answer.”

Greenwald on the current status of military commissions:

“On a related note, there was a disruption today in the military commission of Omar Khadr, the Guantanamo detainee first detained when he was 15-years-old.  Khadr refused to attend the hearing because GITMO guards tried to force him wear “blacked out ski goggles and sound-deafening earmuffs” while in transit to the commission room.  Khadr insisted that those devices — which prevent the detainee from seeing or hearing anything — were designed to “humiliate” him.  Andrew Sullivan recalls the controversial video of Jose Padilla being forced to wear the same goggles and earphones, which numerous Bush critics vehemently objected to at the time as gratuitous sadism designed to drive someone insane (as it helped to do to Padilla).  As Sullivan writes today:  “The Cheney sadism endures. To Obama’s shame.”

Obama defenders looking to justify this might want to turn to how Bush followers did so.  Here, for instance, was Law Professor Ann Althouse explaining how such goggles might be necessary to prevent the detainee from blinking coded messages to his Terrorist Brothers around the world. ”

Please read the entire article:


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“Uplifting, disheartening, inspiring,-the mind reels when watching the documentary PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL.”  NY Times

NPR interview with filmmaker Abigail Disney and Activist Leymah Gbowee

Learn more and order the DVD:


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Cindy Sheehan interviews Constitutional lawyer Glen Greenwald, discussing the Constitution, it’s status, the recent legalization of assassination of Americans, and more.


Read Glen Greenwald’s blog at:


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“According to Pakistani official statistics, every month an average of 58 civilians were killed during 2009. Of the 44 Predator drone attacks that year, only five targets were correctly identified; the result was over 700 civilian casualties.”


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I once gave Cindy Sheehan a copy of The Gandhi Reader when she came here to Phoenix to speak and to protest and I was deeply disheartened when she left the democratic party with good reason due to the incessant double speak of the democrats.

I didn’t know then that she would become the leader of a nonviolent (civil disobedience) antiwar movement well into the presidency of an elected democrat who would continue many of the primary foreign policies of the Bush administration, but I thank God she has, especially in this era of don’t rock the boat in foreign policy politics.

Cindy gives those of us who claimed to be opposed to war during the Bush administration an opportunity to look in the mirror and see if we really are.

I am, and that’s why I still “Support Cindy” as the signs used to read.

To learn more about civil disobedience in Washington DC go to:


and listen to Cindy’s Soapbox Radio Show live streaming at:


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Former President of the UN General Assembly Fr. Miguel d’Escoto calls the UN a dictatorship and says of Obama, “I think now he realizes that he is only the president in a country where the military-industrial complex decides what has to be done, and you cannot go beyond the parameters of what they decide. It would be dangerous.” He also discusses nonviolence as a strategy.

Read the transcript or watch the April 26, 2010 show


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